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Whether it’s a starter Web site or a highly advanced site looking for redesign, process improvements, ecommerce, or a more customer-friendly flow, you’ve come to the right place.

Why “Internet for Real People”?

Your customers are real. So are you. Your Web presence is only as effective as its ability to connect to real people. To find out how much better your Web, Facebook, Twitter, or mobile sites can be, contact me. Consultations are under $100, and your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.

Free Web Site Advice

Everybody loves free stuff! I’ve been designing, building and managing Web sites for more than ten years, and I’m passing along my knowledge. Every few days (or weeks!), I’ll have new suggestions, opinions, rants — about color, development process, why the marketing and programming staff are like cats and dogs, whatever. Read up, and become an instant expert! Free Advice >>