Advanced Web Site Consulting

Growing out of your site? Looking for expertise for a special project? Want to evaluate your Web strategy? Starting an Intranet or Extranet? I can help. As project leader or team member, I am able to fit in with existing teams and supplement their skills. Where needed, I’ve got a network of expert programmers, sysadmins, designers and other specialists available.

Rapid Review

A fast way to get basic feedback on a Home Page — but also, an excellent independent review of proposed designs or application interfaces. Find out if the site’s going to work before you implement!

Web Site Redesigns

Redesigns should be strategic — not just a new coat of paint. Start by knowing what works and what doesn’t with the current site, then add in the goals of the redesign, knowledge of the intended audience and common behaviors of Web users — and the redesign will produce much better results.

Template and CMS Implementations

Got multiple publishers? Templates and Content Management Systems can be an effective way to ensure consistent site design while distributing publishing functions throughout an organization. (This Web site, for example, runs on one template and stylesheet — if I change them, the entire site changes, seamlessly and perfectly.) But many CMS implementations are expensive, time-consuming and frustrating. I’ve done this before, and I know where the pitfalls are.

Usability Testing

I’m not the audience for your Web site. In fact, gather the entire Web team together, and probably most of them are not actual users either. For starters, they know too much. If you really want to be effective with users, you’ve got to observe them using your site — and then learn from the experience.


Money makes the world go round, and online shopping is a reality for most Web sites. Whether it’s selling tickets, widgets or subscriptions, I can help navigate through all the steps, security issues, accounting needs, shopping carts and catalog listings that make up a ready-to-buy Web experience.

New Function Implementations

More isn’t always better. Site growth can be tricky, as each new silo of information affects related ones that may have existed for some time. The more complex a site, the more crucial it is that new functions are blended into the existing site.

Custom Programming

I’m not a programmer. I speak the language — I know what can or should be programmed, and then I hand things off to the real wizards. My strategic partners include specialists in ASP,, PHP, CGI and other common languages. Plus, I’ll work with the programmers to develop interfaces that work for real users.

Project Management

Got a project that needs good leadership? I mean the kind of leadership that gets things done and keeps everybody happy along the way. The kind that makes everybody look good and enhances the bottom line. Yeah, I do that.

All advanced services require a custom price quote. Request a free consultation and price quote.