So… many… passwords…

This morning, because a client had to let their tech person go, I spent three hours changing all their passwords. Email passwords. Web hosting account logins. Database logins for various WordPress sites.  It’s the tech equivalent of changing the locks. In one case, we had to create a new Web hosting account and move the entire site to the new account in order to separate it from the former tech person’s personal info.

It’s intense work, since you’ve got to be certain that it’s done right, and after a while all those random, industrial-strength passwords start to look the same.

Still, kudos to them — they not only had a decent list of what needed attention, but they also had many of the passwords easy to find (…and now that I’ve changed them all, they have a new list).

Most companies just let the IT guys do their thing and don’t bother to keep track of what’s being done. Which works great, as long as the IT guy is still your IT guy.